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Mechanical bearing installation, disassembly and maintenance

Bearing is an important part of modern machinery. Its quality is related to the operation of the whole equipment. This paper introduces the installation, maintenance, disassembly and common problems of bearing


Bearing installation directly affects the accuracy life performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the bearing installation according to the following operating standards:

(1) clean the bearing and bearing association department;

(2) check the size and finish of related parts;

(3) installation (the bearing packing shall be opened before installation);

(4) check after mounting the bearing;

(5) provide lubricant


General grease lubrication, cleaning, not directly fill grease lubricating oil, ordinary also don't have to clean, however, instrument using or high speed bearings, etc., to be washed with clean oil, remove besmear is on bearing anti-rust agent to remove the bearing anti-rust agent, rust easily, so you can't place regardless of furthermore, has the bearing grease sealed, not to clean directly using the bearing installation method, owing to the different bearing structure with conditions such as in general, as more as the axis of rotation, so the inner ring need interference fit bearing cylindrical hole, multi-purpose press press into, or multi-purpose hot charging method For tapered holes, install directly on taper shaft or with sleeve

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